Heide Schlüpmann’s thoughts in English (auf Dt: siehe 8. Januar 2011)

A translation of Heide Schlüpmann’s thoughts about the screening on Dec. 8, 2010

Dear Deborah,
Thank you, once again, for coming to show your films in Frankfurt. It was, indeed, a wonderful evening.
I had an opportunity to think about the event and can now send you a small collection of my thoughts about it.
The films are visual experiences as well as acoustic ones; I don’t perceive the religious content therein (which were highlighted by comments made by the rabbi who co-hosted the evening’s event. She added these ideas, thereby establishing connections to what is surely very present in your work). What is “incomprehensible“ in the work may well have to do with Jewish rituals, rites of passage– childhood experiences. As well as with the notion that the films aren’t simply there to be “understood“. And that’s a good thing. I would prefer to refer to this as a certain mysteriousness, a puzzle.
Might a desire for a place to call home be evident in these films (or is that interpretation on my part)? “Places” are a reoccurring theme, but so is a lack of place. A temple, a mosque, and the “heavens” in Mosaïc. These heavens are not something otherworldly; they are chockfull of a desire, a bodily striving upwards, circling, letting oneself go in circular movements, delirium?
Places – the promised land is not in Israel. More probably in the Hermannstraße, Herman(n), your mother, the street near where you live. A red sky, which suddenly appears for a brief moment, over-exposed sequences, looking up; and then, the boy who rows across the road. This place is not somewhere specific: it’s everywhere you’ve been. It is not the hereafter but, on the contrary, a transformation of the place called home, transformation through editing, layering, through compression.
While one watches, at first one is amazed, fascinated by the play of colour and light. And then one begins to wonder…
All the best,

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