Weitere Weiterreichung – description in English

The Weitere Weiterreichung

in Projektraum (ground floor) as well as the printing workshop of bbk kulturwerk GmbH (1st floor up) @ Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, Berlin

Opening (on 2 floors) @ 7pm on Sept. 19

The initial idea behind this show is productive communication between artists through the continuation of a colleague’s printmaking process.

It’s not uncommon for artists who print to pass their work on to a colleague to continue in their own original manner. This approach / tradition is also known as corps exquisite . Here, the communication between artists working in different places, in different printing techiniques, results in a work of art that bears the signature of both.

Borders exist everywhere, even on a piece of paper on which a print is made. What happens when two approaches come together? Are the boundaries of artistic autonomy traversed? Does a dialogue result, either of a conscious or non-conscious nature?

This exhibition not only explores limits, but also the extent to which they can be overcome.

In the Projektraum, this idea is taken a step further: there, from 19 – 22 September, installations and performances pick up the theme and take it into 3- and 4- dimensions.

Until 29 November, the works on paper in the printing workshop of bbk/kulturwerk GmbH (1st floor up) are on view.

Works by: Gloria Alonso, Clara Bausch, Matthias Beckmann, Viola Bendzko, Jim Bergren, Hrönn Björnsdóttir, Nina Bondeson-Molndal, MarTina Cesarz, Babette Cooijmans, Zuzanna Dyrda, Skadi Engeln, Lara Faroqhi, Rajan Fulari, Armando Gomez, Debraj Goswami, Christine Guth, Christine Haberstock, Andreas Haltermann, Robert Harris, Frank Hartung, Claudia Hartwig, Magdalena Hlawacz, Margret Holz, Impremta Collectiva Can Battló, Aleksandra Janik, Heehyun Jeong, Lenka Kahuda Klokočková, Marion Kahnemann, Jakob Kirchheim, Hans-Georg Kohler, Magda Korsinsky, Uschi Krempel, Marta Kubiak, Sanjay Kumar, Lukas Lenkeit, Volker Lenkeit, Friederike Linssen, Ronny Lischinski, Gerd Logemann, David Lopes, Carmen McPherson, Thomas Monses, Georgina Montes, Aline Moraes, Rebecca Erin Moran, Adrian Mudder, Leo de Munk, Zeynep Özkanzanç, Deborah S. Phillips, Marjan Pipelzadeh, Lorena Pradal, Marcel Prüfert, Jana Schulz, Dimple B. Shah, Maki Shimizu, Ingrid Simons, Carin Studer, Stefan Tielscher, Anna Trojanowska, Emma Troxler, Muriel Valat-B, Luih Valencia, Laura Valentino, Gabija Vidrinskaitė, Claudia Viehl, Akiko Wakayama, Małgorzata Warlikowska, Matthias Jun Wilhelm, Michaela Winter, Kerstin Wittelmeyer, beate maria wörz

From 19 September in the evening – 22 September in the afternoon there will be performances & installations that have to do with printing, in some way, in the Projektraum.

This project has been a way for artists to work together between generations, from different cultures, in 13 different countries and with unexpected results…

Contact for more information: Deborah S. Phillips: deborah.s.p@web.de

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