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DSP arbeitet z.B. als bildende Künstlerin (die Bilder in 2-, 3- und 4- Dimensionen macht) & manchmal auch als Übersetzerin & Sprecherin… siehe auch

http://www.jmberlin.de/blog/2015/04/farben-des-lichts/ (English: http://www.jmberlin.de/blog-en/2015/04/the-colors-of-light/).
http://www.aviva-berlin.de/aviva/content_Women%20+%20Work_Lokale%20Geschichte_n.php?id=1418687     &

DSP works in number of different fields: as an artist (who makes 2-, 3-, & 4-D images) as well as a translator and voice artist…

from 1988 – 2001, she was an active member of the Braunschweig-based artists‘ collective LABORATORIUM, where she also started working with film as one of her materials, all the while continuing to paint, make artists‘ books, installations and more. her film BREAD was included in the Goethe Institut’s programme Deutsche Experimentalfilme der 90er Jahre. in 2007 she co-founded what is now known as Kunstverein Neukölln, a gallery and centre of different forms of artistic activities, such as irregular screenings, performances, installations & exhibitions.

for the past few years, she has been conducting research into the colours red, blue and green. CAPSICUM is a 16mm film accompanied by a red book. A 16mm-&-slide-collage-performance, series of paintings and book explore blue. Research into the last of 3 additive colours that make up light, green, was completed in 2017; a film called „Im grünen Bereich“, a green book & a series of green works-on-paper complete the trilogy…

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