kalenderdruck_inaktionPhoto: Andrea Hamm

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SteinKalenderprojdaran nehme ich mit einer 2-Farbig Lithographie teil (mit dieser Tuschezeichnung)/will participate in this calendar project with a 2-colour litho using the ink drawing depicted (on a litho stone):

12 artists make prints especially for a series of calenders (a translation of the meaning of the website)

Photo: Andrea Kornhäuser

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Diacollagen/ slide collages + Theremin

am 15. 04 um 20 Uhr zeige ich Diacollagen in der/ will present slide collages together with sounds by atelierTheremin @




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Various events in April/ verschiedenes im April


April 7 marks the opening of this show i’ve helped to get going, ALEPH (see link). on April 15, i’ll show an hour’s worth of slide collages (see image above) from 8 pm during a concert by atelierTHEREMIN @ Ackerstadtpalast. & for those in the west: 1 of my films will be part of programme assembled by Dagie Brundert in Dortmund on April 7 as well

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A slide collage/eine Diacollage

if you have a look at/ bitte folgende Link anschauen:

it is illustrated with one of my slide collages, drawing attention to the fact that a super 8 film of mine will be shown at the International Women’s Film Fetsival in Dortmund in a programme assembled by Dagie Brundert. it is NOT a still, but something made from bits of the film/ das Bild, eine meiner Diacollagen, weist daraufhin dass einen Film von mir in Dortmund demnächst zu sehen sein wird in Dagie Brunderts Programm auf dem Internationalen Frauenfilmfestival!

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PFFFHP TT! in Riga

PFFFHP TT! had its Baltic premiere at PROCESS, a new festival of analogue arts, in Riga (Latvia/Lettland) on March 24: see    for details/ für weitere Infos

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Monotypien, grün – monotypes in green


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6. März 2017 · 20:21